A Hill Country Painting

Today I am putting the finishing touches on my new “Hill Country” painting.  The painting is large and very colorful.  It comes from a trip that I took in the Texas “Hill Country” not far from my home.  I have had the painting inside my  head since last spring.  I have tried to capture the warm spring day and soft breezes that were blowing.  The countryside was absolutely filled with colorful spring flowers.  My husband and I kept getting out of the car to get a better view.  My favorite view was from the bottom of a hill looking up.  At the top of the hill and in the distance was an old windmill and big old oak trees.  I have painted as if I was at the bottom of the hill looking up at the dancing flowers, native grasses and old windmill.  The painting will be photographed this week and then I will post it on my web site.  If you love the country as I do, this painting will definately make you feel like you are there.

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