A New Painting

I have been working on a new painting for the coming show that ” Artisan’s at Rocky Hill” in Fredericksburg is having for Rick and me.  The painting is a 24″ x 36″ original acrylic of giant red poppies.  I have been painting as if I am down in the field among the flowers.  The bright reds against the emerald green fields look like rubies in the grass.  I have placed a few soft pink poppies in to compliment the giant red poppies.  I have selected the complimentary colors red and green to be the major portion of the painting. 

When I paint I let the painting grow out of the canvas.  When I say grow out of the canvas I mean that when the paint is applied it reminds me of certain shapes and shadows.  I stop and look as I paint to see if the colors are trying to appear.  Today I have seen the shadows of the poppies leaves.  Its the first day that I have actually seen the shapes that were layered in the background.  Its very exciting to me when I see shapes that are telling me they want to come out on the painting!  Today in my studio I am helping them begin to emerge.

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