Sundown Designs

I am a green builder that specializes in recycled materials.  My own home was featured in the June 20, 2010, Austin American Statesman Newspaper.  I specialize in small remodels and artistically designed features.  In the photos below you will be able to see various items of reclaimed building materials that I have used in building my own home. Since I built my home myself, I was able to hand select beautiful vintage building materials that I wanted to include.

The old doors came from visiting numerous antique shows. They were selected for their unique character, colors of old paint and excellent condition. Many hours of labor intensive sanding went into preserving the colors of old paint that were hidden in the doors.

The fluted wooden trim that surrounds the doors resulted from vintage vendor connections that I have made in my Sundown Designs business, and hours upon hours of searching out just the right trim. The East Lake blocks at the tops and bottoms of the door trim were an exciting find.

The bathroom mirrors are also a rare find. Rather than only one mirror, I included four mirrors that I really like. They are each unique and have their own personality.

The deck rails and staircase rails are combined with old cemetaary fencing, and iron railing out of an old saloon in San Antonio.

The wood floors are aged pine boards from old barns in Iowa. They have been refinished and sealed. The floor is unique in character with all the markings that an aged barn provides.

Combining new green building techniques, with vintage recycled building materials is my specialty. I build with energy efficient green techniques and recycled vintage materials. I am able to install rainwater collection systems as well as electrical work.

Because I am also an artist and sculptor, I am able to combine these techniques with an artists eye.

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Rick Hewitt