Another New Painting

Today I am working on a painting for a very special wedding day.  The painting is for our son Christopher and his fiancee Rita.  The painting is a result of conferring with the bride and groom to be.  Rita loves the soft abstract style of Monet.  Her favorite painting of mine is “In the Meadow”.   Chris is drawn to my hard edge fantasy style with the bright bold colors.  His favorite painting of mine is “Wildflower Fiesta”.  They both like my painting called “Field of Poppies”.  “Field of Poppies” is only available as a print.  We all agreed that an original would be more fun!  Since their wedding colors are red and purple I am combining their ideas with these colors.  I have had so much fun so far thinking about how I can combine their ideas together in one painting.  Soft and loose with bold bright colors!

I am really pleased so far with how the painting is beginning to emerge from the canvas.  The background has multiple layers of rich purples, turquoises, and emerald greens.  The purples of larkspur are just barely showing in the tangled garden.  The style is very loose and semi- abstracted.  The colors are rich and bright.  Todays challenge on the painting is where to place the reds and pinks of the poppies?

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