‘August Garden’ acrylic 24″ x 30″ $1,875.00

This last August my husband Rick and I were in Taos, New Mexico. Rick was installing his wind sculptures in the sculpture garden at Inger Jirby Gallery on Ledoux St. As I was waiting for him to finish I walked down historic Ledoux St. Across the street from the gallery is the Harwood Museum. They had the most gorgeous garden in front of the entry. It was a wild profusion of sunflowers, black eyed susans, hollyhawks and Russian sage. The flowers were dazzling as they swayed in the New Mexico breeze. The bright profusion of blooms were a tangled mass of brilliant colors. I have tried to capture the feel of the bright sunlit flowers in that garden as well as the masses of blooms that I saw that day.

Small pieces – $13.00, large paintings – $25.00, large items – “inquire for quote“.

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