‘Australian Moonscape’ acrylic 72″ x 48″ $15,000.00

This painting was painted when I lived in Mt. Eliza, Victoria, in Australia. I taught high school art in Australia at Pakenham High School and also Seaford Carrum High School.

During the eight years that I lived in Australia I was mesmerized with the lush green hills that were near the sea where I lived. The trees in the top of the painting are stylized to resemble the beautiful wrought iron work that is on the balconies in the city of Melborne. Melborne resembles New Orleans in this aspect. The ferns at the bottom
are a stylized version of the giant tree ferns that grow there.

The strawberrys were added from a wonderful day that I spent picking them in the mountains near Flinders. The strawberry jam that I made from them was as delicious as the beautiful strawberrys that it came from.

Small pieces – $13.00, large paintings – $25.00, large items – “inquire for quote“.

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