Blanco Lavender Festival

Rick and I just returned from exhibiting at the Blanco Lavender Festival.  We are completely worn out from the show, but glad that we made the trip.  The weather was definitely hot Texas summertime weather.  There were large crowds attending even though it was blistering hot.  There were multiple lavender products to enjoy, but the two favorites seemed to be lavender lemonade and yes you guessed it, lavender margaritas!

We had two locations at the lavender festival this year.  Rick was set up under giant oak trees at Heron’s Nest Herb Farm along with ten other artists.  His “Wind Dancers” were definitely the hit of the show.  Hanging under the branches of the huge oak tree, Rick’s “Wind Dancers” caught the breezes and twirled and danced against a dazzling display of lavender and echinacea.  Rick currently has available a wide assortment of copper “Wind Dancers” to choose from.  The colors on the copper are gorgeous!  Each piece is different and hand cut.  You can get an idea of the colors on the copper if you look in Rick’s section on our site.  Each new batch is completely different and very exciting to see.  You may also view Rick’s metal work at “Artisan’s at Rocky Hill” in Fredericksburg, Texas.  They dance under the shade trees in the lovely sculpture garden that is nestled in the back of the beautiful historic building that houses the gallery.

I exhibited at the “Uptown Blanco Art Center” just off of the main square in Blanco.This show was kicked off with a wine and cheese opening on Friday evening.  I took one of my favorite paintings for the occasion which is called “Lavender Fields”.  This painting is very soft and portrays the heat of the summer sun hitting the cool blue and lavender tops of the lavender plants.  I love to paint in vibrant colors and I chose some of my most color intense paintings to display. My new triptych that is painted in my contemporary fantasy style was very popular.  These paintings came completely from my imagination and was influenced by my love of native grasses and the northern New Mexico animal life.  Another very popular painting at the show was my “Retro Meadow”.  This painting is bold and vibrant and is a semi-abstracted version of the original “In The Meadow Painting” that I have.  I named it “Retro Meadow” because it reminds me of the retro oil cloth tablecloths that used to be so popular. The exhibit was announced in the front yard with Rick’s large copper wind sculpture turning softly in the summer breezes.

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