Ceramic Cross, $75.00

Ceramic Cross

This cross is made of clay and is hand built. It is textured with doilies pressed into the wet clay. Each cross is different and unique. The doilies came from my favorite grandmother’s house. The ones that were to tattered to save, I have used in the texturing of this cross. Some of the doilies were crocheted by my grandmother.

Because each cross is handbuilt, some of them can be used in different ways. If you purchase a cross that has a solid center holder, with not many cuts in the clay, it will hold water. You will be able to use the center for fresh flowers, holy water or a candle. If your cross has a lot of cuts in the clay, it will be better for a candle or dried flowers. When the candle is burning, your cross will cast beautiful shadows on the wall.

To clean wax from your cross, lay it in the sink such that hot water runs into the candle pocket. When the wax becomes hot enough, it will pop right out. I hope you enjoy using your cross. They are very nostalgic to me because of my grandmother. I called her “Nonnie” and I loved her a lot. How lucky children would be if they all had a grandmother like mine.

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