“Dancing With the Wind” acrylic 30″ x 40″ $3,500.00

This last spring there were incredibly high winds here at my home in the Hill Country. In the front of our home we have very deep native grasses that blend into the natural surroundings of our Hill Country landscape. On this particular day I was fascinated with the way that the swirling winds made these grasses dance and bend rhythmically back and forth in the sunlight. As I watched the grass it occurred to me that it really did look like a dance in the wind. I wanted to capture the rhythms of this movement on canvas. The grass seemed so wild and free that day that I began to paint. The horses were a natural fit in the grass for I can remember as a young girl feeling completely free on my horse “Spooky” when I rode with the wind blowing in my hair. I loved to watch the wind blowing on Spooky’s mane and tail when we galloped across the fields. The sun, moon and stars have always connected me to the spirit of nature. This painting with its swirling winds, swaying grasses and gentle horses, is symbolic to me of the spiritual connection that exists between earth and heaven.

Small pieces – $13.00, large paintings – $25.00, large items – “inquire for quote“.

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