‘Day Dreams’ 30″ x 30″ acrylic $2,800.00

Many times as a child I would let my mind wander when I saw something that I felt was beautiful or peaceful. This painting reminds me of those times when I would sit and have “DAY DREAMS”. Todays life style makes it hard to sit and dream when you feel like it. When you look at this scene allow yourself the time to enjoy a long lost day dream from your childhood, and let your thoughts drift away to something that has been lost from your childhood. This painting is a Hill Country landscape that incorporates my favorite flower the red poppy, along with a quiet and peaceful country setting.

Shipping is not included in the pricing of originals.
Contact “Linda Rauch Gallery” for a shipping quote.

Gallery phone: 512-417-0116 E-mail: lrauchartist@yahoo.com


Available in various sizes, prices vary.


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