Depth in ‘Wedding Day’ painting

Detail in background of "Wedding Day"

"Wedding Day"

This particular detail in Chris and Rita’s “Wedding Day” painting illustrates the depth that was achieved by using layering techniques.  The beginning of the painting was painted using the cool colors because they tend to recede.  After I painted the background colors in using greens, blues and purples, I sealed the painting with a thinned mixture of painting medium and water.

The next layer of colors were the pale pink poppies and the hot pink or crimson poppies.   If you look at the painting it appears as if the poppies are closer to you.  This is because of the medium I thinned, and also because warm colors advance.  This layer also included the lime greens seen in the poppy buds as well as the yellows in the native grasses.  After I was satisfied with these colors I sealed the painting once more.  

The final colors that I added were the bright red poppies and the large pink poppies in the foreground.  These colors appear as if they are very close to you.  This is because of the layering and also because warm colors advance. 

I found using both of these techniques together gives the appearance of great depth in the garden.  The next blog will show other details in the painting that I have discussed.

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