‘Early Morning Glory’ acrylic 24″ x 36″ $3,000.00

I love to walk through my garden in the early morning light just as dawn has broken.  This painting captures the feel of the sun just beginning to cast its light through the shadows that engulf the flowers. The cyclamen, African violets and morning glories were all illuminated in a special way this particular morning.  The softness of the early morning light was mesmerizing as it fell on the morning glories.

Small pieces – $13.00, large paintings – $25.00, large items – “inquire for quote“.

2 thoughts on “‘Early Morning Glory’ acrylic 24″ x 36″ $3,000.00

  1. We visited your studio a few weeks ago and loved your work. I would love to buy this painting (Early Morning Glory) in the large size for $25.00.
    I bought Wildflower Rhapsody and just enjoy it so much.
    How can I order this?

    Debbie Ridgway

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