Featured in the Austin American Statesman!

Our home and gallery were featured in the “Austin American Statesman” this Sunday the 20th of June in the homes section. Rick built the home and gallery himself. The house and gallery have been built green and we used vintage recycled materials throughout the home which is now open as a gallery. The gallery and home reflect our personalities. We would like to invite you to come visit the gallery in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. It is located south west of Austin near Lake Travis in Spicewood, Texas. It is a gorgeous drive through the country to the gallery. Please join us for a personalized gallery tour and a gorgeous Hill Country view. To read the article about our new home and gallery just follow the link below. There are 19 photos included with the article and here is the link to it.

Be sure to click on PHOTOS under “related” so that you don’t miss all the pictures.

Rick and I both exhibit at “Artisans at Rocky Hill” in Fredericksburg, Texas, as well as at our own gallery in Spicewood, Texas. Our gallery is named “Linda Rauch Gallery”.

3 thoughts on “Featured in the Austin American Statesman!

  1. Hey, nice pictures. Oh wait, I took them. Haha! Just saying hi and hope to bring my daughter Thira out to meet you two and see your new gallery.

  2. Hi Erich!

    Great to hear from you! Yes, I absolutely love the photos. I would love to have you come with your daughter. We are in Taos for two weeks getting our art fix for the year. My brother is running our in home gallery while we are here. Please come and join us for a private tour of my studio and and let me share some art ideas with your daughter. Lets plan an afternoon after September 16th. I would love to meet your daughter and hang out and talk art with her.


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