2 thoughts on “FIELDS OF GOLD ~ Available as a print

  1. Linda, I always enjoy news of your work. As you know, I am a huge fan of yours. It’s exciting to see new offers of your work. Congratulations for adding duvet covers. There are only a few duvet covers offered at this time. Do you plan to produce duvet covers of the “Wedding Bouquet” in king size? Also, I’m interested in “Foot Prints” and “For Lilli” in Queen. I know the Wedding Bouquet is very special to you, so you may have limited the production. If you have anything in mostly burgundy colors in a king size, let me know. Leda in Austin, Texas

  2. Leda, I have sent you a more lengthy reply via your email. There is a programming issue I am working on. When its sorted out I will make sure that the images you like are there. Linda

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