Giant Red Poppies

My new poppy painting is really starting to jump out of the canvas now.  yesterday was a fabulous day for me in the studio.  I painted for eight hours before I knew it was time to feed my dog Bonnie.  Bonnie is my best friend and also my studio helper.  She watches me paint.  Its very hot here in Spicewood, Texas, and Bonnie likes to lay in the air-conditioning while I work.  She is a golden retriever and absolutely the sweetest dog I have ever had.

Yesterday the giant poppies in my painting came to life!  The vivid reds against the cool greens and blues of the fields almost jump off of the canvas at you.  I am very excited about painting today.  I can see the rest of the painting now.  The shadows, colors and shapes that are layered in the background have shown me where they are.  Today I am going to bring them to the surface!

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