I just finished ‘Summer’

You will be able to see my newest painting very soon. Its called “Summer”. I particularly enjoyed painting this piece because of the challenge I gave myself when I first began. I had two ideas in mind when I started. One selection was a very peaceful country scene that my husband Rick and I drove through in the Texas Hill Country. I loved this particular place in the country because it made me feel so relaxed and at peace. I also loved a patch of wildflowers that were growing in Colorado. I have been wanting to do a painting that would portray the moods of summer. When I decided to combine these two ideas it definitely provided me with an interesting challenge. The colors that are usually associated with peacefulness are soft gentle colors. The colors of summer are usually bright and intense. I wanted to combine these two feelings in one painting. As I began to paint I was intrigued with how I could do this the best. Soft and gentle in the background and fading into the sky and clouds was the decision for peace. Big, bold and bright was the decision for the foreground. Once I had solved this problem the painting was there!  “Summer” has already been sold, but is available as a giclee on canvas.


*Click here to inquire about prints “giclees”.

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