Inger Jirby Gallery

One of my favorite artists is Inger Jirby in Taos, New Mexico. I was fortunate enough this week to get to spend an evening discussing art with her. Inger has a gorgeous gallery on Ledoux Street in Taos. She is a long time friend of mine, and my husband Rick displays his wind sculptures in her sculpture garden. Inger was kind enough to look at my work and comment on pieces that she liked. I was thrilled to have her spend time with me and talk about my art work. The paintings that she liked the best were: “Morning Glory Bouquet”, “Wildflowers a la Monet”, “Sun Dance”, “Spring”, “In the Meadow’, and “Fairy Confetti”. Inger described the pieces as having an entire universe in the backgrounds of the paintings. If you would like to see these particular paintings you can use the search on my site to find them. Inger is the poster artist this year for Taos. The painting that was chosen is on display in her gallery. She is also having a one man show in St. Barts this October. I’m sure that you would enjoy seeing her work on her web site. It is magical, colorful and full of whimsical interpretations of what she sees when she is painting.

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