Painting Preview!

I thought thought that it would be fun for Chris and Rita to be able to see the progress of the painting that I am doing for their wedding day.  Remember that todays preview is only the background of the painting.  What you are looking at is the laying in of the deep shadows and foliage that you see in a flower garden.painting background

I am using very intense (bright) colors for this background. A lot of these colors have had very little added to the original hues. When I began the background I placed the deepest most intense colors in first. This starts the build up of the deep shadows you see in the tangled growth of a garden. As I became happy with the general feel and movement in the painting I began to lighten the colors to make the vegetation come forward. The feeling I was looking for in the flower garden was one of gentle movement and deep shadows.

Yesterday I worked on some bright yellows and yellow greens. These colors are beginning to come forward in the painting because they are the warm colors against the cool colors. In other words cool colors recede and warm colors advance. I used these warmer colors for some native grasses in the garden. We live on a gorgeous Hill Country property in Spicewood, Texas. This is also our gallery. I love the tall native grasses that surround our property. I included them in the painting so that Chris and Rita would be able to visualize our home gallery in the painting when they look at it.

Another technique that I have been using in the painting is one of preserving the layers of colors underneath before I paint in new colors.  This is a new techniques that is working extremely well.  After I paint the colors in that I want to keep just exactly as they are, I coat the entire painting with a thinned mixture of painting medium.  I thin it with a certain amount of water before I paint it over the colors.  This keeps keeps the colors like I want them to stay.  I have used this sealing technique about four times so far to achieve the deep layers that are in the painting.

Today I am going to begin placing some of the background poppies in the painting. The feeling I am am after in the painting is poppies in the sunlight. This is always a big challenge for me as far as placement goes. In order to achieve the spots of sunlight, the flowers must be in just the right areas, against just the right colors. The next blog about this painting will be when some of the poppies are in the painting.

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