Painting Progress

Today I worked on my new painting. The painting is really beginning to take on a personality now. I thought that I would begin the red and pink poppies today, but I didn’t get to them. I became involved with the green buds that open into bright flowers. I like the way the buds look when they are poking their heads up out of the garden. I am facinated with the way that the buds are so huge on the fragile stems. Because the garden has so many deep purples and turquoises in it, I thought that the buds needed to be in the yellow green category. They are bright against the deeper colors and catch your eyes. They are the colors of a fresh lime. In fact the entire time I was working on them I kept thinking about limeade. Maybe its the spring like weather today after the icy artic blast we just got that is making me think about limeade, or maybe I would just like to have some limeade! I bet that you will also think about limeade when you look at the buds in the painting. Some of them have heavy heads that the stems are trying to straighten up, and some of them are lifting towards the sky, ready to open. They are woven among the tangled masses of stems and purple larkspur. Tomorrow maybe I will be ready for the poppies.

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