‘Relativity’ by David Craig Available as a print


“Relativity” by David Craig

I thought it would be fun to share with you a fabulous drawing of Einstein that my son David Craig did.  David gave the drawing to me for a Mother’s Day gift.  The facial features have been distorted to add  interest in the face.  Its a charcoal drawing and is one of my most treasured pieces of art.

My son began drawing as soon as he was old enough to know what a pencil was.  Since I taught art for 23 years,  I could see very early on that he had been given a gift with his drawing skills.  When he was two years old his Christmas gifts were a little table and chairs, with every kind of art material that he could want to draw and paint with.  He began to draw and has been drawing beautiful pictures ever since.  I am going to share with you some of the wonderful drawings that he is now producing as an adult artist.

“Relativity” is one of my favorites.  I will be sharing some more of David’s work with you in another post.

Available in various sizes, prices vary.
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