Sun Dance Original Acrylic 24×36 $2,000.00

On the way to Fredericksburg, Texas, I drove past a large field of giant sunflowers that were growing. These golden giants were bobbing their heads looking for the mornings sun rays. In the distance I saw a beautiful stone farm house. I was mesmerized with their golden heads against the blue sky. As they twisted and turned looking for the sun it looked almost as if they were trying to dance. This area is beautiful with its historic buildings, farms and wineries. The sunflowers in front of this peaceful setting absolutely asked to be painted.

NOTE: Original paintings can also be beautifully produced as Giclee’s in standard sizes on canvas or paper. Prices are lower, but vary. Please Inquire.

Small pieces – $25.00, large paintings – $50.00, large items – “inquire for quote“.

4 thoughts on “Sun Dance Original Acrylic 24×36 $2,000.00

  1. Hi Kim,

    Glad you like the painting! I love the giant Sun Flowers. The field by Fredericksburg where I saw them was absolutely magical. It was planted next to Wildseed Farms. Thanks for the great compliment. Hope all is well with my favorite Bee Cave art teacher. The kids are very lucky to have you.

    Best! Linda

  2. Linda, love all of your work! What an awesome website design!!! love it!! Look forward to seeing you again 🙂

  3. Patti, thank you for your help and comments about the site. My son Christopher is helping with the site and has done a great job of adding things for me. It was fun meeting you and I appreciate all of your help.

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