Two new limited edition prints!

I was just in “Art USA Custom Framing & Fine Art Gallery” today to look at my two new limited edition prints. The two prints are called “Field of Poppies” and “Rubies and Emeralds”. The prints are on canvas and are sized at 32″ x 40″. Both editions are paintings of poppies, which are my favorite flowers. The paintings look like you are down inside a meadow of poppies. They are both painted in very bright reds. “Field of Poppies” has a mass of flowers, and “Rubies and Emeralds” gives you the feeling of the large and fragile blooms that are in the giant red poppies. “Rubies and Emeralds” is the painting on my home page, and “Field of Poppies” is above this post. You can also view these paintings in the florals section and giclee section on my web site. My web site has the stories of the paintings just below them. These bright red poppies would make fabulous gifts for the holiday season! If you would like to look at the limited editions you can see them at Linda’s limited editions at ArtUSA . If you would like to have the giclees custom framed you can visit custom framing. These services are both provided at ART USA. I hope that you will stop in and visit ART USA soon to take a look at my two new limited edition giclees.

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