‘Wedding Day’ is now complete.

"Wedding Day" for Chris and Rita

Chris and Rita's "Wedding Day"

I finished the painting “Wedding Day” just in time for Chris and Rita’swedding. Their wedding was this last Friday and was absolutely gorgeous. The colors that were sprinkled throughout the wedding were purples, pinks, and reds. I will begin today by discussing the addition of the bright red poppies into the painting.

Because the bright reds in the poppies are so intense they caused an entire new set of dynamics to happen in the painting. I have to admit that when I first added the sprinkling of reds into the painting I was concerned about them dominating the piece. Because the reds are so intense, they tend to draw most of the attention. This can be both positive and negative when you are painting.

I will add some smaller segments of the painting to my blogs during the rest of the week, so you can see the areas that I will be discussing.  Today I will talk about the foreground in the painting.   

The main areas that I was concerned with were the left foreground, the middle foreground and the right foreground. I was so frustrated in balancing the red poppies in the painting that I actually repainted several parts of the foreground multiple times! This was because I was not happy with the reds dominating the painting. After nearly a week of changing my mind about the placement of the reds and pinks I finally got it the way I wanted it. I will discuss these areas in detail during some of my other blogs.

In general I am extremely happy with the layering techniques I used in the painting. This building up of of layers at certain points during the painting causes this painting to look very deep. This was achieved by watering down my painting medium and painting it on top of what I was finished with. The next group of colors that was placed on top of the medium began to look like they were closer. If you look at the purple larkspur in the background you will feel like they are much further away than the red and pink poppies in the foreground. This is the effect that I wanted to achieve.

The feeling I wanted to capture on the canvas was the softness of love, the passion of youth,  and the excitement of the day that Chris and Rita were married.  The colors in the painting were chosen for these reasons, and also because they are the colors that were in their wedding.  Because Chris and Rita were married in the spring,  I chose poppies and larkspur.   These are flowers that begin to grow during the spring months.

My next blog will concentrate on some of the individual parts of the painting. I hope you enjoy seeing Chris and Rita’s new painting  “Wedding Day”.

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