‘Wedding Day’ Available as a print

This painting was a piece that I painted for our son Christopher and his wife Rita. I named it “Wedding Day” because it has the colors of their wedding in it. The painting has flowers that bloom in the spring, which is when they were married. This painting combines the reds and purples that were sprinkled throughout the wedding ceremony. I chose the pale pinks to represent the softness of a wedding, and the reds to represent the passion of young love. The style that I chose is a combination of what Chris and Rita liked in two very different paintings. It is mid-way between the softness of Monet, and the boldness of my hard edge fantasy style. Chris liked the hard edge bold paintings, and Rita liked the soft impressionist style that I paint in. This painting brings both styles together for them.

Available in various sizes, prices vary.
*Click here to inquire about prints “giclees”.

Small pieces – $13.00, large paintings – $25.00, large items

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