‘Wedding Day’ painting progress

Today I named Chris and Rita’s painting.  The name is “Wedding Day”.  The name has a lot of meaning in this particular painting.  The colors in their wedding are going to be red and purple.  The purples and reds in this painting are for their “Wedding Day”.  The feeling I am trying to capture in their painting is one of happiness and joy.  They will be married in early spring when the flowers are just beginning to bloom.  Larkspur and poppies are spring flowers.  The bright and vivid colors in the flowers symbolize the intense feelings of love, and the deep blues and turquoises in the background are the colors of loyalty.

Today I painted the soft pink poppies and the hot pink poppies into the painting.  I am happy with the way the warm colors look against the deep blues and greens!  I wanted to keep the flower blossoms looking loose and free as they sway in the breezes.  I like the movement that is there now.  Tomorrow when they are dry I will splash some sunlight on the tips of their petals and begin adding their stems.  I am still contemplating on the positioning of the big red poppies.

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