‘Wedding Day’ pink poppies!

Chris and Rita's new painting

"Wedding Day" original acrylic

Today I added pink poppies to my new painting named “Wedding Day”.  Some of the poppies are so very pale in color that they have become nearly translucent.  I wanted to use this color so that you can easily see how fragile the poppy blooms are.  I also used it to add a dramatic element to the lights and darks in the painting.  When very light and dark colors are placed next to each other it is easy to obtain drama on the canvas. 

I also used hot pink in some of the poppies today.  The hot pinks add warmth in the painting.  If you look closely at the petals you will be able to see a few rays of sunlight dancing on the poppy blooms.  This is something that I have noticed in my own garden.  Some blossoms seem to capture the sunlight, while other blossoms hide down in the shadows. 

The other new colors you will see in the painting today are the yellows in the native grasses.  I added these yellows to add warmth in the painting,  as well as to bring the grasses forward in the painting.  When looking at the painting you will notice that the warm colors are advancing and the cool colors are receeding.  This helps to give the painting a three dimensional feeling. 

When the paint is dry I will place another coating of thinned medium on top of the entire painting.   This will add yet one more layer to the finished piece.  Tomorrow I will decide on the placement of the big red poppies.  The red poppies will be one of the most critical decisions in the painting.  I want the reds and purples to be the dominant colors.  Red and purple are Chris and Rita’s wedding colors.

2 thoughts on “‘Wedding Day’ pink poppies!

  1. i’m in love with your painting and was wondering if you would ever consider selling it.. and if so for how much?
    very nice work.. beautiful!

  2. I’m glad you like the painting Jessica. The painting is sold however. You are able to buy prints of it in various sizes. Look in the prints column on my home page and it will give you the link to the company that handles my work.

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