Wildflower Bouquet Gift Sets $55.00

Field of PoppiesIf you are looking for a unique gift for a special person this holiday, I would like to suggest my gift sets.  Each set includes:  an original watercolor that is matted and ready for an 8″ x 10″ frame, coffee mug that is printed with one of my wildflower paintings, a corresponding packet of wildflower seeds, and a “Song of Solomon” story on parchment paper that describes the bouquets.  I even have a designer gift bag available that is hand painted with a red poppy and signed by me.  The “Song of Solomon” story is just below this post.  These sets are available on my web site and also at LINDA RAUCH GALLERY.  There are nine different gift sets available.  Each set has a different painting on it.

“Song of Solomon”  2:11,  12  “See!  The winter is past; The rains are over and gone.  FLOWERS appear on the earth; The season of singing has come.”

These beautiful bouquets will always be in bloom.  They will not fade away, nor with and die.  You will be able to hold them in your hands as you drink from the mug, look at them on your wall when the cold of winter sets in, and plant them in your garden when spring is on the horizon.  It is my wish for you that they will bring a ray of sunshine into your life.

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