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Rick’s sculptures are created in Taos, New Mexico.  This is a small mountain community located in northern New Mexico that is famous for its artists and their work.

The summer breezes that blow off of Lake Travis near Austin, Texas first influenced Rick’s interest in wind sculptures.  Rick now produces his sculptures in a studio on the country property that he is doing a remodel on.  This property will be his new home and studio.  It is located in Taos Canyon and borders Kit Carson Forest.  The gorgeous country property sits on the edge of the Rio Fernando River and is located on the Enchanted Circle National Scenic Byway.  Rick hopes to have his new studio, gallery and home open for business in the fall of 2017.  If you would like to see a preview of his new studio and home you can find Rick working on the remodel at 26070 highway 64, Taos NM.

Rick is a builder as well as a sculptor.  He has his own business which is called “Sundown Designs”.  You are able to see the artist in his home designs, and the builder in his sculptures.  Rick is a very versatile artist and takes great pride in his work.  To inquire further about custom designs contact Rick at 512-922-1183.

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